2022 Season Info


2022 Championship Race

1. A driver can have a maximum of 3 spots in the championship. Spots are earned by finishing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in a monthly qualifier race, or by earning a spot in the wildcard chase.

2. Drivers can continue to race and collect trophies and points after getting their 3 championship slots, but any subsequent auto-qualifier or wildcard spot would go to the next car in the standings.

3. If a driver has more than 3 trophies, they can select which of their winning cars will run in their 3 championship slots.

4. Auto-qualifying cars are ‘retired’ from other monthly races until the championship race.

5. Cars entered in the championship race are retired from future seasons.

6. Cars may be adjusted and tweaked prior to the championship race but must still pass inspection.

The Wildcard Chase

1. Only drivers that have not hit the maximum number of slots are eligible to earn one of 6 wildcard spots.

2. Points are assigned to each driver for cars that did not auto-qualify in each monthly race.

3. Secondary cars do not earn wildcard points, and drivers must be present at the race to earn wildcard points in that race.

4. The wildcard winners must use one of their previously registered 2022 cars in the championship. The car can be adjusted and tweaked prior to the championship race, but must still pass inspection.

The Outlaw Playoff

1. During the monthly races, outlaw drivers can run up to 4 passes down the track. The fastest run will be their qualifying time for the Outlaw Championship.

2. Outlaw runs will be solo runs or one-on-one drag races.

3. At the Official Championship race in the fall, the Outlaw Tournament will be a single-elimination playoff, with seeding based on their best qualifying times during the season.