Pinewood Derby Racing for Grownups

Started by some scout dads and former scouts, MDnA is an excuse to keep racing pinewood cars, and not have to keep pretending our kids built them. We will race, trash-talk, and drink some great local brews.

We'll have multi-heat races that follow standard rules, 'outlaw' races where we bend the rules as much as we can, and other special events.

MDnA uses a classic, wooden, 4-lane track with modern electronics to collect times and 'to-scale' MPH.  Races will be scheduled in the Memphis, TN area.


Hammer-1574255661 | Free SVG

Use an official wood car kit or a similar kit from a hobby store. Check the rules for the event before building. Don't know where to get a kit? Ask us.


Scale,scales,cooking,food,kitchen - free image from

Every race will have a pre-race check-in and impound for inspections to verify the rules (if any) are followed. 


Stopwatch vector image | Free SVG

The easy part. Race officials will schedule, stage, and run every heat. Races may change per event, but most will involve multiple heats, averaging times for overall scores.


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Don't want to race? Just attend and pick one to root for. Or help vote for design awards.

Help us keep Derby and Ales going! 

Racing will always be free, but running the races is not. Help us cover the costs of cool trophies, stickers, marketing, and track/racing improvements. All donations go directly to funding the races. 

Drop a couple bucks in the donation trapper at a race, find us on Venmo @derbyandales. 

Or, just buy a race official a beer!