Race Rules


If a race says to follow "official" rules, we mean that we're racing like the kids do every year.

  • Weight will not be over 5.000 ounces by official scale.

  • Entire car, including wheels and axles will be 2.75 inches wide or less, and 7 inches long or less.

  • Width between the wheels is 1.75 inches minimum.

  • Cars will use the pre-cut axle distance.

  • Bottom clearance between car and track is 3/8".

  • No bearings, washers, bushings, or springs. Free-wheeling, no "devices".

  • Cars must run on the standard derby plastic wheels, using standard derby nails or axles.

  • Only dry lubricants, like graphite, are allowed.

  • Car must pass inspection, and the race officials can request car adjustments during check-in.

Additional MDnA rules:

  • If any car has modifications that go against the "spirit" of the traditional race, officials may require changes during check-in.

  • Officials reserve the right to allow exceptions within the "spirit" for vintage vehicles.


If a race has an "outlaw" circuit, we're starting with a standard kit, but we're turning a blind eye to the standard rules.

All we ask, is that cars will not damage the track, electronics, spectators, time/space, or other cars in any way. So, no rockets, no Ben Hur spikes, no flux capacitors, etc.

During check-in, race officials will need the driver to explain the "outlaw" modifications, and can disqualify cars from running, if they have any concerns.